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Pool Sessions - IKSAC Ilkeston & Kimberley Sub Aqua Club
IKSAC - Ilkeston & Kimberley Sub Aqua Club

COVID-19. Pool Session Amendments

  • Members should not gather in groups of more than 6 either prior to, during, or post pool session
  • Members should maintain a 2 metre gap between groups at all time
  • Divers and swimmers will be separated into separate bubbles regardless of numbers
  • Divers report for temperature checking at 19.55. Entry to KLC remains 20.00
  • Swimmers report for temperature checking at 20.05. Entry to KLC 20.10
  • Swimmers leave KLC by 20.50
  • Divers leave KLC by 21.00
  • COVID-19 Tracking Matrix

Pool Sessions

Our normal weekly pool sessions, consist of a mixture of try-dives, dive training, and kit testing. 

We have a well established method to organise this, namely,

  • Guests who are doing try dives, meet in the leisure centre foyer with one of the training team who introduces them to the instructor and talks through some pre-dive checks.
  • Members who are diving/testing/training, bring their kit and store it tidily in the foyer of the leisure centre so as not to cause obstruction - assembling any bits they can before we go in to save time on poolside.
  • Once the pool is clear of the previous session, our Lifeguard takes over supervision of the pool and will let our members onto the poolside. We can then take diving kit onto the poolside and walk back through the foyer to the changing rooms.
  • We normally divide the big pool in half and use one side for diving activities and the other side for swimming and non diving activities.
  • Please note: We only use the large pool. Use of the small pool is strictly forbidden as we do not pay to hire it and there is no lifeguard supervising it. Members are asked to ensure children in their care follow this rule.
  • At the end of the session, our Lifeguard will signal it's time for the divers to surface and start de kitting, usually by banging something metal on the steps to give an audible signal.

We also run some pool sessions that are dedicated to particular training activities or fun sessions, such as rescue training or fun activities like playing 'Octopush' which is a sort of underwater hockey.

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Pool Sessions are run every Friday Night at a local pool. Trainers are always available.


We aim to run club trips each month. Weekend trips and regular trips abroad are also available.


The club is run by volunteers who love Scuba. What more is there to say?


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Call for more information:
>Chairperson : Antony Clarke : 07773 380695
>Diving Officer : Richard Petter : 07769 213 532
>Training Officer : Dennis Pickworth : 07804 974 035

Kimberley Leisure Centre,
Newdigate Street, Kimberly
Nottingham NG16 2NJ
Fridays 8pm-9pm